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Draft - ideas to improve it...

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Yo! I know Draft isn't the most played game-mode, but I like it and I know a few people on here do. I think EA need to spice it up a bit and try some new things in there. Not that they'll listen to us on the forum, but I'd be keen to hear some thoughts people have on making it a more interesting game-mode?

One idea I had was to have Draft Battles as an additional game... so you and your oppo basically get given a random formation (both the same) and then you take it in turns to pick your players from the same 5 selections offered.

That way you could see what you're opponent is trying to build and scupper their plans, and it would just be quite a fun way to play - I don't see it replacing the traditional game-mode, but it'd be a nice change of pace.

Thoughts? Opinions? Nobody gives a rat's arse? :lol:


  • Mini_Miudo
    9977 posts Has That Special Something
    Draft is alright as it is, don't think it's "underplayed". It's normal that it decays throughout the year as the rewards are packs so you're unlikely to make profit once everyone's value is low.

    The one thing I would do is grant people who win it either a guaranteed draft token or 15k. Winning draft and making a loss is stupid.
  • pudgyfudgy
    5984 posts Big Money Move
    Yeah theoretically you get 15k or more worth of packs, but we all know that this has like an 80% chance of making you lose coins still. They should package the rewards a bit more like WL, with a mix of coins and packs.

    Like 2.5k coins for losing the first match, to 10k coins for winning all 4. Give slightly less superior packs if need be. I'd rather take 2.5k coins, a 5k pack and a 7.5k pack than a 5 and 2x 7.5.
  • Celticseth87
    57 posts Park Captain
    Make it alot less than 15k to enter would be a start! Ive played it twice knocked out 1st round then won it next time with only 2 or 3k made from the packs i won, what is the point in playing it to guarantee losing coins?
  • mascherano16
    1170 posts Professional
    I've seen a video where it was reduced to 7.5k to enter draft. Not sure if it was real of fake.
    Also rewards could be reduced then
  • Chavez
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    7.5k and reduced rewards will still not make it better.. 7.5k and the same rewards might be decent though
  • Mini_Miudo
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    I've seen it be 7.5k the past few years, not sure what version that is because the full release always goes back to 15k.
  • Sparky_rob1982
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    Maybe you could pick your entry fee? So it goes 5k, 10k, 15k and 20k and the packs you get as your rewards (depending on where you get to) would mirror how much you gambled in the first place...
  • FootyFootyFootball
    2706 posts Fans' Favourite
    I actually really like that idea, great shout
  • KeepItUp
    1295 posts Professional
    I asked last year for :

    •If you win the draft, you get a loaned player for 8/10/12 games from the players you got + your normal packs you get.
    •You have 1 token to change any player position (even positions like LW --> ST ) .
    •Make draft more than 4 games (8/10) but you will get rewards with every round (if you won 2, you get R1 packs and R2 packs and you can open them and play round 3 whenever you want) that will make winning draft harder so if you win it you'll get a better prize.
    •Make a "Draft SBC" (special high rated player) that needs 50/100 tokens that you get from winning draft (you get a token with every draft won )

    But instead of improving Draft which I enjoy playing it because of the variety of players you can try, they choose to add a singleplayer mode, eww
  • Angy
    2739 posts Fans' Favourite
    Tbh draft lost all its value once the sbc were added to the mix. People have another way of getting a higher value pack with lesser drafts actually is pretty useless now as why go through the entire thing when u can get better value through another mode that takes 5 minutes to complete
  • Quinn87
    1898 posts Fans' Favourite
    Maybe you could pick your entry fee? So it goes 5k, 10k, 15k and 20k and the packs you get as your rewards (depending on where you get to) would mirror how much you gambled in the first place...

    This is a really good idea.
  • Richehb1
    953 posts Professional
    One thing they could do is allow you in game to switch between the 5 initial formations you were offered. Would result in some bad stuff but if you get a red or take a lead or go behind some formations are really bad (ik it is the point that you stuck with the same formation but limited variety would be nice)
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