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So after taking a fair few tonkings yesterday with my silver/bronze Japenese side and for the first time this year failing to win the DKT decided to mix things up further and strengthen with a few gold players. Seriously guys, silver goalkeepers at this stage of the game are a disaster - Higaschiguchi, bless him, was powerless to stop letting in four or five a game against TOTS laden opposition. It really did get to the point where the opposition would shoot and they'd score :joy:.

Gave myself some rules to follow - had to have six of each bronze, silver and gold cards in the eighteen man squad and of those start at least three of every colour. This is what I came up with....


There's not a single high defensive workrate in sight but despite that the team plays really well and is great fun. Hradecky and Osako in particular have been great, the latter reminding me a little bit of Son... managed to salvage my Div 2 run (lost the first four with my old team, Higashiguchi absolutely to blame :joy: ) and win four of the last five... going to have a crack at promotion back to 1 again today with them.

Just wondering if anyone else has a similar team using bronzes, silvers and golds etc?
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