Next week are Gamescom, what can we expact?

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What are you expact?


  • Tman657
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    Just a trailer and filling us with bs about the game
  • Pwalie86
    1336 posts Professional
    I fully expect a lot of nonsense. I'd actually complain if they didn't deliver that because EA have worked far too hard to achieve that.
  • WizardMD
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    I expect more UT news unfortunately cause they only focused on manager career mode but adding just cinematics, hopefully they add more customization options and the opportunity to create our stadium
  • GoodnightIrene
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    Sone rubbish trailers and a bit on the journey I imagine.
  • bjornini
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    Maybe some more icons
  • Boysie91
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    Demo shortly after hopefully
  • saturator
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    Full scan with scoreboard for Liga/Ligue 1 and Bundesliga
    Rescan PL
    A lot of news stadiums from France, Spain and Germany, etc...
    Slow gameplay and realistic
    4K HDR demonstration on Xbox one X and PS4 Pro
    Deep carriere mode
    World Cup mode
  • Dowls98
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    Boysie91 wrote: »
    Demo shortly after hopefully

    Could be as late as the 12th. Probably Thursday the 7th or somewhere near that though.
  • Boysie91 wrote: »
    Demo shortly after hopefully

    Should be nice if they would be like; demo out now guys! Probably will be mid September again though...
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