Weekend League free pass, how did you get on?

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So this weekend I was given the free pass for being in the top 25% of... something. I'm a Div 3 player, just, never got anywhere near to Div 2 and had never qualified for the WL before.

Managed Gold 3 with two games to spare.

Maybe there's an argument to say that all the scrubs like me made it easier to get wins, but personally it confirms my opinion that qualifying is much tougher than the actual event.

How did all you other first-timers get on?


  • AzizaG
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    edited August 2017
    never mind i didnt read properly lol
  • Otimel
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    Qualifying was no problem for me when I tried fut for the first time. First few weekend leagues I got stuck at gold 3. So I dont agree that qualifying is harder than the actual event.
  • Italionstallion91
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    I was qualified as well but was also allowed beta access so I missed my chance this weekend for 17.
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