Practical suggestions for FIFA 18

71 posts Park Captain
I will not talk about gameplay or the game engine, just some features that are easy to implement that would make the game so much better:

- A latency meter in online seasons mode: FUT gets a latency meter, but online seasons does not? What is the logic of that? You have to pray to get a lag free game in seasons sometimes.

-The "play second leg" option in kickoff mode was a welcomed feature last year but the red cards given to players in the first leg do no suspend players for the second leg. This is wrong.

-The squad updates should be performed automatically. When you go online to play in online seasons mode the squads are updated, but the squads offline are not. This should be unified. My friends never perform the updates, so when I go to play with them with my custom tactics I made on offline mode they complain their squad is not up to date. Just make the god damn squad updates run in the background or something.

-There should be an offline FUT Draft mode where two friends can sit and play against each other. It would be tons of fun.

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