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In this draft we have 18 categories. Each drafter can use whichever 11 they wish to create their team. You cannot use the same category more than once.

When you select a player, you must say which category the pick falls under. For example, if "player with a moustache" was category 5..... I would say Graeme Souness (5).

Here are the categories...


1. Player who won a tournament/league/cup at both club and international level in the 90's

2. Defender who has scored at a World Cup

3. A player who has never been capped at international level

4. Player who has played in both a World Cup and European Championships final

5. Player who has finished in the top 3 in the Ballon d'Or

6. A player who has captained their team to win the European Cup/Champions League

7. Played in a European final for a British Club

8. A player who has only ever played for one club at senior level

9. Player who has played for rival clubs

10. A player whose first name and surname begin with the same letter

11. Player who retired aged 33 or below

12. A player who won a league title in 3 different countries

13. A player who represented a different country than the one he was born in

14. Player who has, or had, long hair

15. Player who changed position in their career and were successful at their new position

16. A player whose initials fall together in the alphabet (for example - Edgar Davids or Alan Brazil)

17. A player who has only played senior career matches from 2000 onwards and who never cost more than 5 million pounds in a transfer

18. Player who scored on their debut for their club or country
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