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Constantly waiting for that release date


  • Dowls98
    307 posts Sunday League Hero
    Why? It'll be out 7-10 days before release. You'll also know it's coming when the 17 app gets taken down.
  • GoodnightIrene
    4195 posts National Call-Up
    They don't give a release date on it.

    It is usually up within a few days of the previous one being taken down, just have to hope you're online for when the carnage ensues.
  • ZizioGardo
    1439 posts Professional
    Constantly waiting for that release date

    Constantly waiting? You need to chill.. we've just about entered August.
  • RDR123
    286 posts Sunday League Hero
    Roughly a week before usually, carry on playing Fifa 17 for the time being :D
  • Couldn't play last Fifa because of exams so I'm kinda looking forward to actually playing one this year, sorry if that appears wrong to you

  • 0113MB
    1082 posts Professional
    think 19th sep, try everyday in september xd
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