Need some squad building help

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I need help or ideas to finish this team. I dont like pirlo as he dies to quick and i cant afford lampard, All these are all untradeable so not able to sell for funds.

villa can be used in right cam or st



  • Tornado31619
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    Put Giovinco at right CAM and buy Radja for central CAM. Replace Butland with Joe Hart, and buy Manolas as your CB.
  • MengRoyMeng
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    Lampard and manolas
  • Tornado31619
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    Lampard and manolas

    He can't afford Lampard.
  • Notformeclive
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    If you can't afford Lampard and you don't like Pirlo then the only full chem option is Moralez who may be worth trying (he was epic on fut13) he's a bit like another Giovinco, he's non rare though.
    If you're not fussed about 7/8 chem then IF Giovani Dos Santos, for the CB probably just get Smalling.
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