Anyone got a team worth 20-30k?

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Playing on my buddies account on his PS4, but i want a team worth 20-30k to try in the WL.

I did make the top 100 on the xbox one with a 30k team earlier in the year....but am not expecting anything more than gold 1.

Anyone with a decent starter side?


  • Hazarddddd
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    Clyne Sakho Bailly Gibbs
    Fernandinho Kouyate Kante
    Sturridge. Vardy

    Got me gold 1 on my brothers account
    I usually finish elite 3
  • Rajivvv86
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    Peres, Manolas, Rudiger, Radu
    Medel, Bonaventura, Badu
    Salah, Muriel, Shaarawy
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