Fifa 17 wont load, stuck on intro screen?!

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So, yesterday I go home for lunch for my daily FUT game, and game wont load. I choose my language, then it just gets stuck loading on start up screen. Turned console off and took my dogs for a walk instead. Thought, well servers must be down or something. Went about my day. Get home after work, same. Go about my evening. Try to load game up for a night cap, same. Was wondering if anyone else has had this trouble. Not too [edited - no profanity please] about it as game is dead boring at this point, and I wasn't worried about WL because I am out on vacation this weekend, BUT would love to know if anyone else has had this problem and what they did to fix it. I am so over contacting EA, as they have stolen enough time from me this year. Thanks in advance fellas.
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