TOTS Eriksen or EOA Totti subbed in at CAM?

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After getting Alderweield in the Rooster SBC this morning freed up some funds to play around with having sold Desailly (figure Alder and SBC Smalling will make a great untradable pairing).

Currently have an untradeable 88 Eriksen at CAM who's been great but feeling like a bit of an upgrade. Should I go for his TOTS, or keep my squad untradeable as it now is and go for Totti on 6 chem?

If anyone's who's used both can shed some light will be grateful...


  • Stickybelly
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    Get the TOTS version of 'Sven' i would. I don't like off chem players 6 chem would do my head in!
  • Colin32
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    Keep Eriksen88 or get his Tots. Because I hate people subbing in from the start of the game.
  • Nervous_Nick
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    Eriksen tots is the best cam in the game
  • PelzyWelzy
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    Cheers guys... So am sticking with Eriksen (subbing would just do my head in as well tbh).

    Wish I didn't suffer from that 'fresh' card syndrome, doubt a fresh TOTS one will pop up :joy: Just can't play with cards that have already been used for some reason.
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    Eriksen tots is the best cam in the game

    Fresh doesn't even matter for TOTS Eriksen. Card is unreal. I thought the 88 was a god, the TOTS card is like the creator god of the 88 card. I hope that paints a picture of how good he is.
  • Nervous_Nick
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    He has the best goal ratio for me in fifa17, even better than 89 Son.
  • Izzy2K17
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    How is 8 chem a big deal?
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