Finding it extremely difficult lately

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I'm just frustrated, I'm really struggling. I'm not the best player, not by a long shot...I play on WorldClass difficulty and I'm finding it harder and harder to keep playing this mode. Every match I'm playing I can't even score, defending no problem, I can't get passed defenders and getting into good positions to score.

Really need suggestions and tips to maybe improve my game. I mean I'm currently playing as Sunderland, in the 2027 season with my starting eleven 90+ rated Should be no problem right? :neutral: My current formation is 3-4-1-2, like that matters...every formation I try doesn't get any better. I think this all comes down to skill anyway. Just open to all suggestions, willing to try anything. Cheers :smile:
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    On World Class, the CPU are very good at pressing and blocking shots.

    You need to pass the ball patiently without sprinting and also use the width and put in crosses to create chances on goal. Have you tried a 4-3-3 formation?

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    Why not play on Professional difficulty? If your not enjoying World Class and Professional is not too easy for you why keep playing on a level if it's too difficult. I mostly play on Professional and mix it up with games on WC and Legendary even though I find WC and Leg annoying most of the time. Using sliders may also help, not to make it easier but to make it more competitive and realistic.

    @Cooler08 is right though, passing patiently and using sprint sparingly is the key to playing offline and especially on higher difficulties.
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