What is wrong with this game?

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This week, more than ever, the gameplay was utter garbage, at least for me. Actually, worst than garbage.

Passing is like lottery, I'm either lucky to get it where I want it, or I'm not and it goes random. If I aim to a player, I expect the ball to go there, not 10m away from where I aimed.

Oh wait, there's the other thing that happens if I'm lucky and the ball goes to where I initially wanted to go...either it goes through my player legs, or he just lunges like he has rocks in his feet and the ball gets passed him.

This happened before, of course (alongside with the bouncing to my opponent after 3 tackles in a row, my players bumping into each others, keeper starring at the ball without doing a thing, AI committing PKs etc.), but this week the passing was unbelievable.

I hope, I really hope FIFA 18 won't be like this, cause now, it's so god damn bad.


  • Paquetesousa
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    Of course FIFA 18 will be like this. If not, something else will be exploited by these suckers who need to win at FIFA no matter what, to make them achieve something in life...there's no winning here
  • Markusnasty
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    It's hard to see how Fifa 18 could be much worse...but no doubt it will be!
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