Theatre of nightmares!

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Sometimes fifa is a theatre of dreams when you make nice plays and score some quality goals, but often it is also a theatre of nightmares with some really astonishing actions for you but also your opponent. So lets share the videos of the latter to all have some laughs and to know that we are not the only one, as everybody gets their fair share of [edited - inappropriate].

I will start with a nice video of tots donnarumma who "saves" a header through my player which would have gone wide to make it an easy tap in for the opponent.


And when people say the AI is overpowred in defending, my tots chiellini with defending over 9000 does absolutely nothing and just got run by. The opponent didnt do a skill move at all nor did i press a button. Should runs straight up to the player for absolutely no reason.


That was it for me, please share yours!
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  • Caspertjuh
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    I cant take it no longer with donnarumma

  • PureFramez
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    Buffon is better trust me
  • Caspertjuh
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    No one got some funny or frustrating clips?
  • BO0OM
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    Lol unlucky bro mine is winning games for me
  • SuperSonicSean
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    He's been pretty bad. Got outplayed by a 73 silver in the DKT for me yesterday. I'd get rid of him, but he's untradable and I can't afford TOTS Buffon.

    Is 89 Buffon better than TOTS Donnarumma? I hated NIF Buffon because he couldn't save anything on the ground. Figure this card can't be any worse.
  • dave2121
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    IDK about the second video, seems pretty normal and has nothing to do with defending stats, the first is pretty strong BS though.
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