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Firstly, welcome to the Xbox section. Before you begin posting please familiarize yourselves with the forum rules.

The Xbox mod team are happy to allow OT threads in Xbox Section, as long as they follow the Forum Rules (above link)

If you would like to discuss any of the forum rules please use this thread: @EA_Andy has already clarified some of the rules so please read through the thread if you have any questions as they may have already been answered.

Below is a list for all of the currently active Xbox moderators on the forums. Clicking the link will take you to the profile of each moderator. From there, you can send ourselves a PM if you need to discuss something that may require moderator attention. Please continue to use the report function for offensive posts or feel free to tag us via the "@" function for something that may require urgent action.
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If you've got any suggestions, whether it's a sticky or forum feedback, please don't hesitate to PM one of us.

Thank you,

The XBOX Mod Team

(shout out to @Dasco, nicked your thread :wink: )
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