The most fun team I used this year

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I guess I could show off a bit.
Reus and De Bruyne were my favorite players in FIFA 14, so I decided to make a team with them, and here it is, maybe it will inspire someone.


Robben - not much needed to say, amazing, insane dribbling and agility. Downside is his WF, but I just cut in or pass to another player if necessary.

Aubameyang - he is alright. Has most assists in my team. His height and strength make him great for crosses and is ideal to jump and win a ball when I have a goal kick. His dribbling and agility are meh. WF is not that bad.

Reus - Ronaldo who can't jump, that says it all, and for 60k, he is my "best for value player".
Ramires - work horse, great in attack and defense, even when he pushes up, you can count on him coming back due to his pace.

De Bruyne - I enjoy this guy so much. He doesn't score much because I focus more on front 3, but when he does, they are usually screamers. Insane long shots and passing. If you do decide to go for him, don't buy MOTM. Go for SIF or wait for TOTS, he should get one.

Gustavo - solid defensive CM, dribbling sucks black balls from PES, but overall, he is really good.

Clichy - Really good imo, noticeable difference in agility and defense from NIF.

Koscienly - rather weak, but his pace and tackling makes up for it. Before UPs, I wouldn't use him, because 82 defending isn't that good. +2 defending made him much better in my eyes.

TOTY Silva - packed him, best CB in the game, perfect WR, amazing strength, jumping and pace. He is my go to player when I need to stop doumbia & co.

Aurier - Really great card. 85 pace is more than enough, simply amazing defensive stats for a right back.

Ruffier - sucks black balls from PES too. Don't get him, he is really, really terrible. I switched to Mandanda, and even thos differences in stats are minimal, Mandanda is a lot better for me. What bothered me the most with Ruffier is that he can't throw the ball really far. Mandanda can throw it relatively a lot further, which is why I prefer him.

Front 3 - get in behind, press back line
Ramires & Gustavo - stay back while attacking
De Bruyne - stay forward (still goes back a lot)
Everything else is normal

Build Up
Speed 70
Passing 30
Free Form

Chance Creation
Passing 70
Crossing 45
Shooting 66
Free Form

Pressure 40
Aggression 80
Team Width 65
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