Need help: team a or b? Pics inside

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Okay guys, need help finalizing my team.

Possibility A:

Possibility B:

The question comes down to: is the better version of neymar worth it over improvements on the right side of the team?

The inbetween versions of neymar are in my opinion too expansive considering the stats.

What do you think?

Any other suggestions are also welcome!


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    I went with team b with one alteration: tots stindl for goretzka. At the time there were no 93 neymar for a reasonable price, only 96 was reasonable.

    I really dont understand why people listing 94, 95 neymars for highper prices than 96 and even 97. You cant be serious that these neymars arr held for investing purposes... just play the game.

    96 neymar is really great, enjoy playing with him.

    14-2 for the day in wl, never had such a good run.
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