OT: Anybody up for a laugh?

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So I was on YouTube and this Celebrating 10 years of YouTube popped up, anyways I scrolled down and it had 10 years of highlights I had a look at some of the videos and that's how I found this piece of gold...

Some of the comments:
Tribal songs are better than this **** all the time

Youtube wanted to remind us how terrible this song is.

Congrats on 1m likes!!!! Oh wait....nvm

"which seat should i take?" hey Rebecca, how about trunk???

So..she waits for her bus then just gets on her friend's car?

I don't get why people say this song was bad.
Is it because of the repetitive lyrics?
Is it because of the **** in the video?
Or is it because of the **** she said the most simple things that she has to explain in the video such as "Yesterday was Thursday, tomorrow is Saturday, Sunday comes afterwards"?

And my favorite:
this song saved my life.
i was in the hospital with a coma for six months when the nurse walked in and turned the radio on. this song started playing. i got up, and turned the radio off.

Please tell me im not the only one that finds this funny!!??


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