Didn´t receive the tots after completing the 6 week sbc, got the megapack but in it there wasnt tots

Hi, im here writing because EA´s help service referred me to write here in order to let the moderators and developers or devs to know my case and give me my tots, i completed each one of the 6 week sbc but when i opened the megapack i didnt get any tots from it, ive got some tots from doing the sbc of changing a 84 valoration squad for an non transferrable tots but nothing more didnt get my non transferable tots from the 6 week megapack, please, take on my case check it and give me my tots since it isnt fair for me not to get it like the others that completed the sbc´s did thanks.

My ingame name is EnderW1492


  • Stl_soccer
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    In your mega pack you didn't get a tots? Makes sense as the tots guarantee only applied to the ultimate pack reward, not mega pack.
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