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TOTS Werner vs 90 Reus

421 posts Sunday League Hero
Trying to decide which one to get. Anyone used both and could give reviews?


  • Mark_96
    111 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Packed Werner in my monthlies and used him.. first few games in div1 and he was beast.. brought into wl and he literally couldn't do a thing. Couldn't make a pass.. dragging shots so far wide from straight in front of net. Poor for me anyway
  • ArtaxInvader
    496 posts Sunday League Hero
    tots werner is my fav striker in the game after tots ron. Werner was an absolute blast.
  • Pepe Le DiLzZ
    15903 posts World Class
    For a fifa cover player Reus is very underwhelming.
  • ironawin1
    1005 posts Professional
    I have tried Werner. He is good but nothing special. Just sold him and bought Icardi and man what a difference.. icardi is a lot better imo
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