Fut Champions in FIFA 18 needs more qualifying months beyond April or May

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I think it would keep FIFA 18 interesting the whole year compared to FIFA 17. Right now in FIFA 17, the competitive side of things with respect to qualifying for offline events came to an end in April or May (cant remember exactly).

The amount of pro players still playing fut champs decreased for sure as you can see in the top 100. Also less pros are streaming the WL, showing a lack of interest in this game as well.

My suggestion would be to add more qualifying months or payout the top 100 players in form of FIFA points or a free copy of FIFA 18 or something like that.

That way, the game still feels interesting in the competitive sense and your current FIFA 17 squad would have been useful in order to build up a basis for the next FIFA.

You can even extend it to silver, gold or elite level players with packs for FIFA 18 or something like that.

Right now, we get stacked TOTS rewards etc, which is cool and all. But these cards will only be used for a very small time frame. I'm sure FUT Champs would be more interesting if you still could compete for something outside of FUT items of the current FIFA version (Qualification, Money, FIFA points, next FUT's packs).

What do you guys think? Does the current approach of EA make more sense? June was still moderately interesting as you can get loads of TOTS items, but the game has basically come to an end. I highly doubt October's, November's or other past IF cards can make FUT Champs as interesting as the qualifying months.
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