Another day, completely different gameplay...

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So after a pretty routine DKT win yesterday I headed into Divisions having not played them for a little while after being relegated to Div 2. Had a good run of things, winning six and drawing four in an unbeaten season to get back in to Division 1 which is where I left things last night. Fourteen games unbeaten felt great, game play was pretty good with minimal lag and players moving as I wanted, making runs, closing down etc...

This morning I've gone in to the new DKT and the game feels absolutely dreadful. In five attempts am yet to get out of the second round. My players are completely passive in game, pretty much standing around occasionally making a futile and ultimately failed attempt to intercept. No body is making runs, and on the rare occasions they do quite often they check that run halfway through for no real reason whatsoever. Passes are pretty much 50/50 as to whether or not they'll go in the right direction, especially over the top through balls. Don't think I've played a single one yet which has headed in the direction I intended. Desailly aside no one appears to have any kind of strength either. TOTS Walker is heading up the right flank like a madman then simply staying in a RF position, Kante is pretty much the only player in one of the central positions getting anywhere near the oppositons penalty area... It's madness.

Got to talking to one lad I lost to after he messaged me apologising and not understanding why he got a penalty (not for the first time in past month the ref blew for a pen after De Gea simply picked up the ball in area under no pressure whatsoever) and it turned out he himself was in division six. I couldn't get any pressure whatsoever on a Div 6 player... literally could not get near him fast enough to stop him passing around freely. My players were so poor with their movement that by the time I had controlled the ball and attempted to trigger a run manually I was simply shoved off the ball. In one game I played a lad who had Ribery in a CM role - he shoved around Pogba, POTY Kante and YPOTY Alli at will.

I know I shouldn't be surprised at these things anymore, have been playing long enough to know there is no real consistency with gameplay in Fifa, but this is beyond a joke.

I can't even say my players feel like bronzes because having used bronze players quite a lot they actually feel worse. Eriksen may as well have no feet as opposed to 5* WF right now, he just can't control a thing.

I've not changed a single thing with my side - same formation, same players, same custom tactics. There's just no acceptable reason that things can be this drastically different.

Who else gets these wild swing in gameplay?


  • TubAShet
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    everything is broken in the game, you have to prepare for the inconsistency from the moment you turn the console on.

    I've suspected for a while the matchmaking isn't always true to your division - I can tell when i'm playing someone below or above my skill level, its very obvious
  • ASH32
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    Sounds like my average WL gameplay to me, even seasons is like that quite often these days too.

    Only the Daily Knockout seems to have decent/good gameplay more times than the crap stuff. I win them first time quite often, even when TOTS cards were given out this was the case, only two (I think) of them took more than the one try and the most I took for one of them was three attempts.
  • Bevlarrrr
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    Totally agree with all that, the worst is the catch up lagg too, happens to me but not the opponent
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