Will the likes of TOTS Auba and Dembele drop on thursday?

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I have them both and given that both monthly (TOTS players) and weekely (TOTS Ultimate pack) will be out, wont this make the likes of Dembele drop?

Considering selling them and buying back on Thursday night? what do we think?


  • Tlegendary
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    Nobody knows, Auba will be packed in the weekly elite rewards so likely to decrease a bit. But you have to Pay Taxes.

    Looking at the monthlies they are un tradeable, this means that the supply is not higher.

    But you know this Year everything is harder to predict.
  • Vflagship
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    Yeah ill see what his price is come thursday morning, if its not higher than now i guess ill just keep,
  • Thierry-VavaVoom
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    Dembele not getting packed anymore so should rise plus it's nearing WL and prices tend to go up anyway.

    Monthlies don't really affect prices.

    You could snipe an Auba for cheap at 7pm tomorrow though.
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