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Changes Need to Be Made

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So, last night I decided to boot up my old Xbox and play FIFA13. The gameplay felt amazing!! Slower build up play, weighty passes, good ai and defense too! This game is so much better than this FIFA 17 garbage!

I really hope they get 18 right. I doubt it, because it seems theyre still focusing on making money from FUT. FIFA 17 is so floaty, arcadey, inconsistent, and many other things. I honestly dont think I want to play 17 anymore lol


  • TacticalTugTeam
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    Defending in FIFA18 needs to be more Manual, on FIFA17 it literally does everything for you hence why the skillgap is so small.
  • Jarvisrj3004
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    Give up. EA does not care. So I won't care either. No more money to this garbage franchise as it turn into this mess.
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  • MacDaddy
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    PES is the way forward guys!
  • youngevans
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    MacDaddy wrote: »
    PES is the way forward guys!

    Unless they do something better this year. The best option is to quit buying and playing Fifa and PES and go up with mario carts, mario bros and tarzan, those games has no stupidity in them
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