Ever increasing number of high scoring games...

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Noticed this a lot over the past week or two; pretty much every game I'm playing has a large number of goals in it compared to before. So many 4-3, 5-4 type games.

Player switching has a lot to answer for, am definitely finding defending a bit of a nightmare, but am wondering if it's just down to the vast majority of players all having maxed out shooting stats now? It's as though things haven't been balanced out defensively, especially where goalkeepers are concerned. That became really apparent in one of my games this morning whereby every time I scored my opponent would just run straight from kick off and blast it in from 35 yards with TOTS Mertens. Won the game but felt pretty much powerless to stop him. All midfielders now seem capable of scoring from anywhere within that range too. It's crazy.

Anyone else finding this recently?


  • Liam W
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    Just the opposite for me. I find most of the games I play end up with me trying to find a way through an opponent who is a) very good at defending and b) has all 4 defenders sitting very deep with very high pinch and holding there shape well whilst midfielders tackle me from behind. I find this very tough to break down. My opponents then end up ping ponging the ball forwards as soon as they win it back and running at my undermanned defence but I have decent CBs who usually get the job done. I end up with lots of possession (which neutralises my opponents threat to an extent) and very rarely see an absolute goal fest unless either my opponent is rubbish or they are so good they can consistently beat my defence.
  • ASH32
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    Depends what gameplay you get, when it's fast they'll be many, many goals. Get slow and sluggish gameplay though and even getting a chance is hard work.

    Then there is the button delay which is separate to the above, get that in a fast paced game and it's bound to be a goal fest.
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