DIV 3 and further up the divisions

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It's after div 3 moving up the weird gameplay starts. It's unreal, and if u don't notice this U are either a brand new player or you are absolutely blind lol I been through div 1 several times back down to even div 5 at times. It's at 3 every time it starts acting up. Teribble touches, bad passes, keeper mistakes, ref decisions, lag, just everything to throw u off. Can predict the game.
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    Rightly said. This is true, Iv never been able to go pass div 3. Anytime i get there, the game starts to act. ie: terrible touches, poor passes, keeper silly mistakes, AI supporting poorly, bad referee decisions. My team play like they're amateur footballers and I loose the matches at all cost till they relegate me to div 5 and work down to 3 again. This has been a cycle
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    Yep same here. I get to div 1 or 2 an have some great games i win some lose some then when i get relegated from div1 it starts haopening an i cant stop the slide next minute im in div 3 battling to stay in division an all the bull ❤️❤️❤️❤️ happens. The referee omg i get no decisions my way. I just keep playing to try to beat it. I play possession way an then my passes go astray. The games dead now i just dont play it. Will just play fut on 18 an sometimes play seasons.
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