Defending corners?

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Why when defending corners do the defenders head it towards goal and out for another corner? Just played a guy and he had ten corners one after the other and I won the header every time but still couldn't clear my lines. i don't remember previous FIFA releases having this so why is it there this time?


  • Ben
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    They're holding down L2. L2 has ruined the gameplay.
  • Nana_bitty
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    Even so, why don't headers go up the pitch? Who's bright idea was it to implement loads of unnecessary corners into the game
  • FootyFootyFootball
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    What does L2 do from corners?
  • AliasMaurice
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    It's been happening for the last 2 maybe 3 fifa. This year seems the worst due to the game calling wrong on goal kicks / corners and throw ins.

    I've had it where the opposition striker heads it wide, commentary even calls name and sure enough it's another corner.

    Worst fifa ever made. Yes it is an improvement on previous games but so many basics wrong. Game is broken piece of ****
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