TOTS Robben or Dembele as ST

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next to Aub, anyone tried both, if so who is best?


  • CopterSteve19
    82 posts Park Captain
    Dembele=Robben with 5☆5☆ and faster
  • Izzy2K17
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    I'd get Lewandowski, but out of the two definitely Dembele
  • Vflagship
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    yeah, cheers guys, looks like robben will have to go...
  • limjitwe
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    Robben did better than Dembele for me. You might want to Robben as a Left Striker.
  • Java
    873 posts Semi-Pro
    I played both and Robben was better as a Left striker. Dembele felt too weak. Honestly, Robben is better than Dembele at everything but his weak foot.

    I played both in the same team by the way, Robben was on 7 chem and Dembele on 10
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