What do you thing about bigger quick-sell value

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Because I think quick-sell value is stupid now (700 coins for Messi or Ronaldo, 22K for TOTS Ronaldo etc) so I have idea. What do you thing if quick-sell value is related to the lowest BIN in the game. Example quick-sell value to be 80% of the lowest BIN on the market. So that you can really sell quickly your players not discard it for nothing


  • ImAtrocious
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    If you want the coins for them quickly, why wouldn't you just list them at the lowest BIN and make the instant sale?
  • theSplntr
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    Would have a drastic effect on market. It would hike players prices up way way more than the increased value that you think you are getting for quick selling: First off by causing inflation, and secondly by increasing demand of players , more people quick selling, less players on market.

    Would be a disaster
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