Anyone else thinks TOTS Vertonghen is ****?

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I got mine from untradeable SBC and i was happy with him because i have full BPL team and he fitted into squad perfectly. I replaced IF Reid with TOTS Vertonghen, but honestly, i think that was a mistake.

Vertonghen seems very slow, even when i put Catalyst chem style on him. I just don't feel safe when he's playing in first 11. Sometimes he goes nuts and wins every god damn tackle, but more oftenly he barely wins a tackle and he gets very poor match rating at the end.

What are your thoughts about him or advices what to do about him?


  • jpsblue
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    Man I was hesitant to use him to because of his pace and work rates, however I put Shadow on him and he has been immense. Great passer, and even with his work rates he doesn't get caught out and intercepts nearly everything

    Try him for a few games with Shadow, and if he is still **** then just swap him out

    Been solid for me though since I got him
  • limjitwe
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    He's been solid but not extraordinary.
  • Fatmanc
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    played about a dozen games with him and hes held his own for me
  • n2j2000
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    Also stuck a shadow on him and he's been a beast!
  • wwffan99tx
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    I hated him. Pulled from untradeable SBC and he is always out of position. Brought Koscielny back into my squad and its a huge improvement.
  • SeanDCFC
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    A cb with his work rates needs a lot of pace. I thought he was decent most of the time but when anyone gets past him he's never catching up. He'd be excellent with the right workmates.
  • xFATAL
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    Didn't like him at all, Keane is much better. I've pullled him 3 times from the sbc and just put him back into it. one of the worst TOTS CB i've used.
  • Dado BL
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    He is a damn good defender but his H/H workrates will leave you exposed
  • xFATAL
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    Dado BL wrote: »
    He is a damn good defender but his H/H workrates will leave you exposed

    He's H/M which is much worse than H/H.
  • n2j2000
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    Basically if you rely on AI auto defending then don't use him, if you can defend manually then he is first class.
  • potato_hater
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    I really love his IF
  • Bale11UT
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    Played two games w him and he was amazing but I sold him because I can't have two left footed CBs (Ogbonna)
  • hields
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    Been great for me put shadow on him
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