Need reviews on: TOTS Donnaruma, Taison, Chiellini, Giuliano

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write me some stuff here guys


  • SanderFC
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    Also for: Kroos, Marcelo and Lacazette svp
  • Pepe Le DiLzZ
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    Giuliano is brilliant take my word for it.
  • Didn't like chiellini at all went back to barzagli
  • semia172
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    Giualino is decent, but imo the 86 is enough his 91 is not that much of an improvement ,wouldn't buy again
  • snoikdonk
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    Didn't like chiellini at all went back to barzagli

    :astonished: He's by far the best CB I've ever used in this game.
    semia172 wrote: »
    Giualino is decent, but imo the 86 is enough his 91 is not that much of an improvement ,wouldn't buy again

    I almost agree but he still a definite improvement for me. Slightly disappointing but still a great card.

    OP, haven't used any of the others.
  • SimmoEFC
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    Chiellini is fantastic, much better value for money compared to Luiz and Ramos. I do think Luiz and Silva are better though.

    Giuliano is great, 150k is very good value for such a great CAM.

    Taison was a bit meh if I'm honest, felt like the SBC Insigne card which I hated.
  • bullettoot
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    Donarumma is exceptional over 50 games no mistakes and great saves.
    Chiellini is paired with Koulibaly and they are rock solid fast enough never out of place really like him and you can clearly feel the difference from his Totks.
  • Gazza74
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    Giuliano 100%, especially for a price of around 100k at the moment.
  • sounders3
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    Chiellini is tremendous but 90 Bonucci outshines him in same team.

    Laca isn't worth it over the 90, feel exactly the same.

    Donna makes some superb saves, saves other keepers couldn't. He also lets in the weak crap that every keeper lets in though.
  • pudgyfudgy
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    Played 77 games with Donnarumma so far.

    Pro: Pulls off some miraculous saves just when you are so certain it's a goal that you might as well put your controller down. Does that at least once per game.

    Con: Distribution is poor. Lack of Long Throw trait is common knowledge. But other than that, I feel that he takes longer to get back to his feet after diving to catch the ball, so the chance for a quick break is already gone. It's really frustrating when you're losing and need to quickly get going. Secondly his throwing feels really, really slow. His throwing animation feels like slow-motion, and the ball takes forever to reach my player. It might be in my head, but I swear I don't feel the same way with IF Forster in my fitness team.

    Pro: However, his drop-kicks are pretty good. He's actually got a few assists by kicking it very accurately to my striker, against high-pressing opponents.

    Con: The low driven shot is his weakness. Granted, it's a very OP way of shooting this year, but Donnarumma lets them in even though they go right next to his body. Annoying.

    Pro: Cheap. Bought at 125k, probably cheaper now.

    Con: Probably ❤️❤️❤️❤️ at work, but the fact is that this still happens to a 90-rated keeper: My Donnarumma does a lot of silly things in the game. I can remember two incidents very clearly: he punched a cross right into his own goal under no pressure, and he stood still and let a really weak shot roll past him, before diving backwards at the last minute to claw it off the line.
  • elgordofeto
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    Didn't like chiellini at all went back to barzagli

    LOL :D
    TOTS Chiellini is a beast, best CB in serie A

    The ones who likes Donnaruma, can you tell me which chem style are you using on him?
  • SOL1DS
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    great stuff guys keep em coming
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