How did your silvers do this WL?

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Just wrapped up my WL with 21 wins and 4 games remaining. Used a BBVA silver RB and a Series A silver IF LB, both entirely unimpressive. Lucas Silva on the other hand, the CDM from Real Madrid, was quite good playing CCM in a 4312 and CDM in a 41212(2). Scored a few goals and had some assists but mostly he was surprisingly good at winning the ball back.

This was really my first time using silvers for an extended period of time and I was quite surprised how well he performed, could have easily been some NIF gold back there


  • Adrian095
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    Tots Pineda and Montes are GOATS
  • SupaNoodle1990
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    Theo Hernandez, Acquah and Soler were all garbage.
  • mjs4p
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    I just think forcing people to play with silvers in the WL is silly.

    I've only played 5 games, but my MLS trio of Acosta, Beasley, and Opara are less bad than most of the choices out there.
  • WFCBagnall
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    ****. I'm never using silvers again. Useless pieces of ****.
  • G12OGN
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    Tyrone mings actually wasnt too bad.
    Shaun Maloney was better than expected.
    Cant go wrong with tots Meite
  • Olleman
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    Hernandez was absolute garbage, but TOTS Meite and Odubajo was quite Solid tbh. But Hernandez cost me most of my losses tbh :(
  • Adrian095
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    WFCBagnall wrote: »
    ****. I'm never using silvers again. Useless pieces of ****.

  • MegsonsBarmyArmy
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    Jack Hunt was the only one I kept for the full 40 :D And tbh he played very well especially considering he was playing against Son almost every game
  • Kai9623
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    Used Mensah, Denayer, Odubajo. Had Meite TOTS off the bench as well. Defensively all decent but they cant make a proper pass to save their lifes lol
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    Honestly impressed with Fosu-Mensah,Darikwa and Schlupp.
  • Blake
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    TOTS Wood - pure **** 3/10
    IF Dallas - not bad apart from his positioning 6/10
    Joaquin Correa - not bad but couldn't defend 6/10
    Daniel Nagy - solid sub 7/10
    Fosu Mensah - not as good as i remember 5/10
    Ryan Donk - average 6/10
    IF Augustinsson - average 6/10
    IF Bergantinos - a nothing player 5/10

    Honestly the game just passed them all by, you can really tell the difference with silvers
  • Adiabatic
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    Masina the LB has been great. Everyone else I've used has been rubbish
  • MaddMike3711
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    TOTS Nicolas Bertolo- meh

    TOTS Germán Conti- he really impressed me, he was always in the correct position and actually held his own against the likes of Lukaku, Suarez, Son, etc.

    Nathan Ake- decent, he performed what I was expecting of him

    Todd Kane- was pretty good I must say, but got tired easily and then just got ran past near the end of matches

    Movember Chalobah- always love him, he's like the silver Casemiro and really gave my team the balance it needed. I managed to hit my 100th match played with him this weekend. :)

    TOTS Ignacio Fernández- the GOAT silver midfielder. He is just incredible, and from threading through balls, to tackling, to winning headers, to just creating chances. He is something else. For anyone who likes silvers and hasn't tried him, I would definitely recommend him if you can get your hands on one. The guy is amazing. :)
  • TNeves95
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    That RB Darikwa is always good for me and the LB from Juve is solid
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    TNeves95 wrote: »
    That RB Darikwa is always good for me and the LB from Juve is solid

    Darikwa's height,pace and strength makes him amazing as a RB.
  • AnDrEwThEdOn
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    Svensson and Sone Aluko are amazing. Zahid and Haugen were awful.
  • Iván
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    Darikwa and Zuñiga were OK
    I didnt miss TOTS Azpilicueta , played with MOTM Amartey
  • EddieFicio
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    They are brainless idiots, mostly
  • CornishLad
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    WFCBagnall wrote: »
    ****. I'm never using silvers again. Useless pieces of ****.


    Many ratings for using my favourite gif. Papa Bless you!
  • CornishLad
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    Silvers are the bane of my existence. Not sure what EA were thinking when they released those requirements "oh hey, we just released potentially hundreds of 90 rated players. But instead you'll only be able to use 8 golds." it's bloody stupid. I'm all for a bit of variety, but not in fut Champs. Sure have it as a requirement on DKT's but keep them away from Champs
  • ManyakFC
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    used some trash madrid GK for pure link to TOTS ramos, had amarty in midfield who was decent and had a LB from bournemouth brad jones i think not sure, but he was decent too. Honestly though i lost alot more than i usually do because my GK was trash lol i know its my choice but at same time like above i dont understand why silvers should be in WL. i finished on 18 wins with 7 games to go couldnt endure the pain to play more + 50k pack for more players to use in TOTS SBC why not lol. next week ganna need 20 wins for gold 1 monthlies which im stoked about tbh cant wait :D
  • LeonidasJB
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    They all struggled. Too many good squads.
  • TacoDaPug
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    I suffered a lot against Epl silver fullbacks and some **** CM. It was basically playing against full gold squads arr
  • ShaunCPFC
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    EddieFicio wrote: »
    They are brainless idiots, mostly
    WFCBagnall wrote: »
    ****. I'm never using silvers again. Useless pieces of ****.

    These are accurate statements.

    Anyone who says otherwise is trying to convince themself they weren't as bad as they could of been, but were still w*nk!
  • HekTic_JukeZ
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    They're completely useless.
  • PJazz
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    WFCBagnall wrote: »
    ****. I'm never using silvers again. Useless pieces of ****.

  • tikitaka33
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    Garbage. Stupid requirement.
  • Currieman
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    I had Fosu-Mensah, Nathan Ake and Pol Lirola.
    Fosu-Mensah is OK. I found him really good at passing but his stamina is awful and he's a tad slow. He's so strong though. Did pop up with a couple of assists as well so I'd probs use him again.
    Ake is really strong and for some reason I found him amazing at passing as well. Again, a little bit slow but he held his own. I'd use him again.
    Pol Lirola was the worst of the 3 but still not too bad for a silver RB.

    As soon as I finished WL though I had to play a seasons game because I wanted to remember what it was like to use SIF Can. It's a completely different game with him :lol:
  • BigBadAl696
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    Odubajo and Micah Richards both proved pretty solid for me and Rob Green in goal was Butland like to the extent I was getting messages saying I'd hacked the goal keepers or the game was bs due to scripting haha
  • Recardo
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    cook was actually a decent CM.
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