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Not very good with internet stuff so someone please help me!

Been having spotty internet for a while, so decided to change routers. Giving the ISP provided router now, set it up just this week.

Sat down Thursday night to play FIFA for the first time since switching, and disconnected from the two DKO matched I played, but ignored it as servers might have just been **** at the time.

Then again yesterday (Friday) I played a few FUT Champs matches, believe it was 8 in total. Disconnected from 7. WTF. Figure there's definitely something strange going on.

Just sat down to play my first game of the night, you guessed it, DNF.

What is going on? Don't really care about my results in WL anymore, but not a fan of disconnecting from EVERY game I try to play. All the games have had full green on the connection screen, and I have been able to go straight back into FUT every time.

Any tips/solutions??


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