Anybody here using the Futbin club import function?

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I got tons of bronzes and silvers and looking for a good way to quickly find out which ones to sell and which ones to recycle? Has anybody had any problems with it? Has EA said anything about using it?


  • dylwms
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    Used it once, it's handy for finding out which bronze/silvers are worth a mint. I don't think EA can tell your using it either as it just scans your club through the browser
  • DaveSaves
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    I wouldn't risk it after how ban happy they've been lately
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    I used it once and it was helpful.

    The only issue is that Futbin typically updates prices when someone requests it which means a lot of the bronze and silver pricing on there is out of date. I still managed to find a few gems.

    I don't believe you risk banning or anything because the import isn't calling EA directly. It just listens for the object returned to your browser when you load your player list so EA probably has no idea who uses it and who doesn't because to them all they see is that you loaded your player list in the web app.
  • Fab
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    It's fine
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