Post your Guaranteed TOTS Packs results



  • Darfi02
    3413 posts National Call-Up
    From these the very best players i packed were Johnathan Viera and a dupe untradeable Baumann which meant i could sell my packed one (i did a fair few). In an 82 upgrade yesterday i got NIF Godin but the best was yet to come in my next pack a gold upgrade 92 Kante :o i have packed Every packable version of Kante apart from the MOTM at least once. I think my account is rigged to pack Kantes.
  • Retro_G
    29797 posts National Team Captain
    Awesome. :joy: :joy:

  • wwffan99tx
    700 posts Semi-Pro
    Ended up doing about 75 untradeables. Any I didn't want I recycled back into another untradeable.

    Keepers are:
    87 Bonatini
    87 Lindelof
    88 Boateng
    88 Felipe
    89 Walker
    89 Viera
    89 Ederson
    89 Pizzi
    89 Semedo
    89 Dzyuba
    90 Pereira
    90 Carvajal
    90 Sneijder
    91 Modeste
    91 Mane
    91 Vertonghen
    93 Jonas
    93 Carrasco
    95 Dybala

    A lot of fun doing all of these.
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