Post your Guaranteed TOTS Packs results


  • METH
    940 posts Semi-Pro
    Got 2 untradeable tots 87 and 88 rated, anyone post a link to see what I need for the tradeable?? Tried futbin but player rating only goes to 86.
  • JGCramp
    1387 posts Professional
    Did two untradeable: Got Cota first, then Falcao.

    Used the Cota and and untradeable Subasic to do 1 tradeable: Got Biglia.
  • Kaptentegel
    471 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Did one. Got Gelson. Already had him so I sold him and bought 89 Semedo rb. Fits perfect in My team so happy with that.
  • Mssingno
    1081 posts Professional
    edited June 2017
    Did 1 tradable, Thauvin.

    And now all my bronze TOTS are worth way more too lol
  • Timoner12
    5622 posts Big Money Move
    Could anyone please post the teams they are building to do these SBCs?
  • cfutter13
    1907 posts Fans' Favourite
    I got duplicate untradeable Godin :s
  • keyroy
    1614 posts Play-Off Hero
    Did 1 got cyprien. Pleased with that as rocking a ligue 1 team
  • Thedudeabides
    2221 posts Fans' Favourite
    Did 4 tradable

    2x Koroki

    I've had some good luck this year so I shouldn't really complain....but I've gotta say it was a little heartbreaking lol
  • bgp1845
    1818 posts Play-Off Hero
    got veltman and toornstra untradeable.
    put them in the tradeable and got baumann.

    now i only have the players in my current teams and thats it. lol.
  • P1tch_1nvaderz88
    13706 posts Has That Special Something
    That left winger izqueardo or whatever....gomis, who I had...and some Russian defender...

    Been rubbish for me so far...
  • InigoMontoya
    455 posts Sunday League Hero
    Acuna (untradeable)
    Sinclair (untradeable)
    Thiago Alcantara (tradeable)

    I'm done. Will use the profits to pick up some others that look good as everything comes crashing down
  • DoItLikeTone
    104 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Got Stindl, Baumann, Sansone undtradeable. not bad really. tried a couple tradeable and got squat. Gonna blow my last 200k on these this weekend probably. meant to invest in 84's the past couple weeks but was too busy/didn't care. Kicking myself a little but prices will come down at some point i think.
  • xFATAL
    4582 posts National Call-Up
    edited June 2017
    4 Untradeable

    Balde Daio( perfect because I bought one before market crash)
    Mane(Right after Balde thought it was a Dupe)
    And 2 not worth mentioning

    Happy with that and still have 5 Tradeable to open than I'm done. Teams are built, will just play till FUT 18.
  • Pepe Le DiLzZ
    15166 posts World Class
    Packed tots Alonso after giving away tots siggy, nacho, pulisic and callejon. I'll take that.
  • v4vendetta1978
    2821 posts Fans' Favourite
    Tots Alonso as well lol only done one nice 250k atm
  • Xx_iou_cheesecake_xX
    2678 posts Fans' Favourite
    Did 2 tradable, got Bruma (Gala) went again and got Soares (Porto) and want to do one more, there's something wrong.
  • Liamrawks
    75 posts Park Captain
    Hopefully everyone has traded in sigurdson and callejon so I can stop coming up against them every match in WL. I've done a few of these sbc. Best results have been untraceable, tradable have been brutal.
  • Pepe Le DiLzZ
    15166 posts World Class
    Tots Alonso as well lol only done one nice 250k atm

    Nice one. :)
    3211 posts National Call-Up
    Veltman, Pedro Leon, Hanni

  • v4vendetta1978
    2821 posts Fans' Favourite
    Second one was some Russian can't begin to type his name out lol back in you go
  • wwffan99tx
    700 posts Semi-Pro
    OK here is where I'm at so far. I've opened 11 untradeable and my son has opened 10 untradeable. We are both stocked with 82 and 83 cards. Also, any TOTS we pull that we don't want we recycle back into another untradeable. Both of us have spent 0 coins so far.

    Izqueredez 87
    Walker 89 Keeper
    Fazio 88
    Mooy 85
    Jansson 87
    Medeiros 88
    Hoarau 88
    Modeste 91 Keeper
    Pavon 87
    Mitroglou 89
    Pozuelo 89

    My son:
    Veltman 87
    Sanson 87 Keeper
    Durica 87
    Fazio 88
    Mendy 86 Keeper
    Peruzzi 87
    Forsberg 90 Keeper
    Alonso 91 Keeper
    Augustinsson 87
    Toornstra 90
  • Fgermana98
    145 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Did 1 got taison. Amazing for a supersub but thats about it
  • wwffan99tx
    700 posts Semi-Pro
    Did another and got 91 Mane
  • Xaero
    192 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    3 more, 2 untradeable got sinclair from celtic and a keeper from the argentinian league, put them in a tradeable one and Naby Keita. I am loving this.
  • Teesmith92
    137 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    These are awful for me, some nniki guy from Australian league, Smolov TWICE in a row, Al soma, and an Argentinian LB & GK from argie league, cheers EA
  • wwffan99tx
    700 posts Semi-Pro
    Did 5 more:
    Dzyuba 89
    Toornstra 90
    Campana 87
    Viera 89 Keeper
    Damjanovic 87
  • Derryboy1893
    3564 posts National Call-Up
    Done 2 untradeable got trolled by Swedish striker Berg and an Argentinian keeper, also got shot of Cigarsun and Cayehon and got Elia and Keane, so should clear 100k, probably gonna plow a lot of my untradeable special cards into this SBC Higuain etc
  • Derryboy1893
    3564 posts National Call-Up
    I also accidentally did an untradeable TOTW as well, gutted
  • wwffan99tx
    700 posts Semi-Pro
    OK, 7 more done
    Marcano 88
    Felipe 88
    Ritchie 87 x 2
    Viera 89 Second one
    Ari 87
    Pereira 90 Keeper

    So 24 done so far. Only 5 keepers.
  • Chuckball
    660 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Lol I do an 82 sbc to get a few more for another one of these and get walkout ibra
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