A very out there suggestion

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Next year, EA may want to try regulate prices further for IF's
If they got their wits about them, they could set a price for current IF's in packs that they want to be held at.
Based on this desired price, they could publish (or not) that price, and when it is above that price, they could then have that player on the store, being able to be purchased for FP.

I'm only floating the idea out there as a different alternative, as it would then allow players to semi-regulate the supply themselves by buying who they want and by spending money which is what EA would want


  • Dazza3113
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    If you want the player that bad you will open packs to get him and when you have opened enough to sell your unwanted pulls and buy said player, you're happy, the seller is happy and EA are happy...

    Do you really think EA have any other motive than separating you with your money?
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