Carreer Mode - Belgium Pro League Playoffs not working

posts Ball Boy
Hello, I would like to report an issue that has been in the game for several years now.

The Belgian Pro League uses a playoff system, where the top 6 teams at the end of the regular season play eachother twice more. The highest ranked team at the end of these playoffs wins the season (This system is used to raise Belgian teams' competitiveness in Europe).

In FIFA 17 the playoff system is in place, but the rankings don't get corrected at the end.
Let's say you finish 3rd in the regular season, but you manage to climb to 1st through the playoffs; At the end of the season it will still count like you finished in 3rd place, which is obviously not the way it should be.

I posted this once before but didn't get any comments. I would really like to get this issue through to the developers.


  • Samlan
    2 posts Ball Boy
    Does anyone know if this has been fixed in Fifa 18? I would be surprised but you never know :)
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