Where is a link to this forum?

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Guys, do you know that there's not a link to this forum on https://www.easports.com/fifa page?
It was there when this page referred to FIFA 17. But when page became about FIFA 18 they erased the link.

It tells us exactly that this forum is not considered by anyone from EA and every discussion of the game is like on a fan forum.

Share you thoughts please.


  • fluffymnuffy
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  • comet213
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    Yes, We are abandoned.
  • CaptainJack13
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    They are such a joke. Every year they say they have listened to the community. Obviously this year we don't know whether they have because very little has been revealed. But based on the last few years it's very unlikely. Even a little bit of communication would be appreciated but they don't care.
  • Sokker14
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    We are not abandoned, there is a button which links to this forum on the Web App.
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