FC Vaduz: Für Gott, Fürst und Vaterland | Season 1

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Season 1: Introduction, Players, Preseason, 1, 2
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    FC Vaduz is the only professional football club in Liechtestein. For many years it has played in the Swiss league as a “guest club” that cannot qualify for Europe through league finish. However, Vaduz has been a mainstay in UEFA Cup and Europa League, as while Liechtenstein has no league competition, it does have a cup, and in the last 20 years only twice was there a winner that is not Vaduz.

    But all this has come to an end when the new FIFA and UEFA leadership announced an ambitious restructuring plan. The European football will be reorganized in favour of creating supranational leagues or regional basis. There will be seven major European leagues.

    The Great British League (ENG, SCO, WAL, IRE)

    Pyreneean League (SPA, POR)

    Franco-Flemish League (FRA, BEL, NED)

    Holy Roman The Fourth Reich Germanic League (GER, SWI, AUT, LIE)

    Mediterranean League (ITA, GRE, TUR)

    Slavic League (RUS, UKR, POL)

    Scandinavian League (NOR, SWE, FIN, DEN)

    The teams are allocated mostly according to the league standings at New Year 2017. In some cases exceptions were made to include more historically successful or my favourite teams in the combined leagues.

    Along with the top teams from other continents, the top teams of these leagues will participate in global international competitions (Champions League and, let's call it, World League). Chinese league will be represented by a single team consisting of all available CSL players (incl. Tevez, Witsel, et al.) based on Chapecoense and put in a league with the other "brazilian" teams with fake players.

    Vaduz will enter the new era with a Liechtenstein NT legend Martin Stocklasa at the helm.

    The season objectives are as follows:
    — end season with 1 000 000€ profit
    — sing a youth midfielder and play him in 5 games
    — reach Round of 32 in the cup
    — don't screw up too monumentally in the league
    Seems fair.

    After a brief look at the squad Stocklasa came to a conclusion that the team is half-decent. Goalkeepers and midfielders are perfectly acceptable. Defenders and attackers — not so much, both quality- and quantity-wise. We'll have more in-depth look at the squad in the next chapter. Transfer priorities will be signing a striker, a right back and a centre back.
    Speaking of transfers, our policy will be based mostly on German, Austrian and Swiss players, but the priority targets will be players from Liechtenstein and other European micronations. All youth players will be considered honorary Liechtensteiners.

    P.S. You are free to ask me or to my fictional manager any questions concerning the career and the team in this thread. They will be answered in the form of a weekly press-conference. Or probably in a different form. Depends.
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    Meet the players

    Peter Jehle. You might have heard of him if your national team ever played against Liechtenstein. Jehle has been the starting NT keeper for almost 20 years. Here’s our goalie for the first season.
    Benjamin Siegrist. You might have heard of him if you are a Villa fan, because Siegrist has spent some time loaned out from them. Here he will be the backup until he surpasses Jehle in OVR.
    Christian Baldinger. This one is hopeless, quicksell. No need for a third goalie anyhow.

    Marvin Pfründer. The only right back and hopelessly bad. Might stay for depth, but most likely will be sold ASAP. And a right fullback is the main transfer target.
    Thomas Konrad. He has some pace compared to others, so he will be our backup right back unless we fail to buy anyone for the centre back position. Then he’ll play centre.
    Matthias Strohmeier. A pure stopper with no other skills. That’s our starting centre back. Will receive some training.
    Mario Bühler. IRL he is a starting defender, but in game his attributes don’t look promising at all. He will most likely spend his time on the bench.
    Simone Grippo. This one’s attributes look as if CB is his worst position. Might be decent in the midfield, will try him there.
    Axel Borgmann. Nice to see a defender who can defend, for a change. I find his lack of pace disturbung though, but will have to make do. Also he has a 7-year-long contract, which, ok, thanks.
    Maximillian Göppel. Liechtenstein's Best Young Player of 2016. Hope it is reflected somehow in game. I will mercilessly train him, as players from Liechtenstein are hard to come by in this game.

    Defensive midfield
    Dejan Janjatovic. One of the team’s best, looks quite versatile. Used to play for Bayern's youth team. If he can get some progress, I sense a starter for years to come.
    Caleb Stanko. Polish American on loan from Freiburg. Can defend, therefore baackup CB it is.
    Philipp Muntwiler. This looks like a starting defensive midfielder. I’ll have two of those.
    Stjepan Kukuruzovic. Not good enough defensively, but might make an okay backup playmaker.
    Nicolas Hasler. IRL he is one of the team's (and country's) best, but in game, sadly, not much really. I will keep him for Liechtenstein passport and squad depth.
    Diego Ciccone. Bang average. Might come in handy as a sub, but more likely I’ll just swap him for someone younger and prettier.

    Attacking midfield
    Gonzalo Zarate. Good enough for a season, but then his age will start catching up with his pace.
    Maurice Brunner. Right back IRL, crap in game. Won’t do even for squad depth.
    Ramon Cecchini. IRL he's been practically out of the team for a year, going to trials here and there without much success. Not much at first glance, but will do as a sub to run around tired defenders.
    Pascal Schürpf. Might use him as a striker. At this age and with this OVR he won't be here long.
    Ali Messaoud. He's on loan at some Dutch team IRL, but I started this CM before he left, which is most likely a good thing. This guy might just become one of my leaders.
    Marco Mathys. Looks versatile. Also tall, might come in handy as a target for crosses. Guess he’ll make a fine rotation player.
    Moreno Costanzo. By this squad’s standards he’s a top, top player. What is he even doing in this team? Likely our starting playmaker, but I might also stick him up front from time to time for lack of better options.

    Franz Burgmeier. Team captain. His attributes look as if he can play literally anywhere. I don’t like that. That’s an extra dilemma of where to put him. Easy solution: the bench is over there.
    Aldin Turkes. Tall guy, whose only positive qualiy is that he’s tall. Not my type at all.
    Albion Avdijaj. This one’s a starter IRL, but very poor in game. A shame really.
    Yones Felfel. Looks interesting. Could make a good backup striker. Though I don’t like his face. That’s a problem I tend to have with some players.

    So all in all what we have is two GKs, two CBs, 1.5 fullbacks, about four DMs, about five AMs, half a striker and a Burgmeier. Might just rename my manager Dr Frankenstein, because this team is not looking good.
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    At the preseason tournament we take on Empoli, Notts County and Blackpool in group stage.

    First one is Empoli, with Marcel Büchel in midfield — he is from Liechtensten, which means we will be buying him sometime in the future, as soon as we find us some moneys. As for the game, Vaduz were horrendous in the first half. Empoli ran around mostly unopposed and scored a dumb one. Our keeper missed a pen (that’s a thing I do, take pens with a goalie, fun stuff). After the break Vaduz turned things around. First Mathys scores after taking the ball from a defender near Empoli’s box, then a quick counter results in a Cecchini goal.

    Game two, Blackpool. Again we mostly suck and concede in the first half, again a ref awards a pen. Thet’s where differences start. We actually score this one (yay), but then immediately concede a classic FIFA goal. Second half was mostly Blackpool being a bus and taking counters (scary at times). At the end we managed to create some chances, but the ball just didn’t seem to want to get in there.

    We need to win against Notts County, and then look at the other game’s outcome. Winning proved difficult as these Brits were also a bus. And our defence was, to extend the analogy, something like a unicycle. Fortunately, our opponents experienced some problems with their legs and managed not to get a single shot on goal. Meanwhile Vaduz were forced to rely on long shots, and those were all saved by Pilkington. Oh well. 450k as a consolation prize will have to do.

    The right back vacancy will be filled by Silvan Hefti from St. Gallen. He was a priority target, and we were lucky enough that St. Gallen gave him away with a nice discount. Other potential candidates included Fynn Arkenberg, Joel Untersee, Steffen Lang.
    Jannik Müller from Dynamo Dresden will be our new top CB. Initially I was looking into centre backs for the bench, but after we managed to snatch Hefti for a fraction of the price, I thought why not dish out some more for a quality defender. Sent out five offers, Dynamo and Müller agreed without any extra negotiations.
    Finding a striker proved difficult. Turns out young inexpensive ones about 65 OVR are in deficit in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The best candidate was Simone Rapp, but his team demanded too much and didn’t want to budge at all. So I had to settle on Sebastian Jacob from Kaiserslautern.

    On the deadline day we got gid of some of those I wanted to get rid of.
    Albion Avdijaj and Christian Baldinger both left for Longford Town.

    After all the transfers the team squad looks like this:
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    Matchday 1
    Union Berlin — Vaduz

    3rd minute, our youngster Göppel cuts into the box and runs into a tackle. As is tradition, I let the goalie take the penalty, and Jehle does it perfectly. After that Union dominated, our defence was filled with empty spaces larger than ozone holes over Antarctic. It’s a wonder how Union didn’t manage to score. Vaduz tried their best, but the players didn’t seem to show any desire to participate in attacks. Only in the last quarter hour we managed to push die Eisernen into their box and kick some balls toward their goal.
    Jehle 4’(pen)

    Germanic Cup, 1 round
    Borussia Mönchengladbach — Vaduz

    Gladbach are a much more quality team than we are, so our only hope was that Sommer would let a few in as a favour to old friends (he played for Vaduz at the start of his career). We started cautiously and managed to hold Borussia for the whole first half. After the break we tried going on the offensive, and halfway through the second half Cecchini successfully fell down in the box, and our goalie confidently scored the pen. A few minutes later a lucky shot from Zarate ended up in Sommer’s goal, but Raffael quickly responded with a lucky one of his own. After that we bussed up, defended about five corners in the last 15 minutes. The last one resulted in the ball being kicked toward Borussia’s empty goal, and Costanzo was the first one to reahc it, scoring into the empty net.
    Raffael 79’ — Siegrist 67’(pen), Zarate 73’, Costanzo 90+’

    Matchday 2
    Vaduz — Borussia Mönchengladbach

    It was a chance for Borussia to get their revenge, but they played defensively, very cowardly and didn’t seem to have any desire to win. Were it not for Sommer with a few good saves, we would have won again. In the end this draw felt more like two points dropped than one earned.

    Matchday 3
    Nürnberg (5) — Vaduz (7)
    It was rather boring, until Nürnberg scored a dumb one and rolled out the bus. Then it became even more boring. Not much to say about the game at all.
    Burgstaller 62’

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    Original and interestin concept. I was planning something like this with Vaduz a while ago as well, but it never quite worked out. Are you going to play in the second tier with Vaduz?
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    Mds13 wrote: »
    Original and interestin concept. I was planning something like this with Vaduz a while ago as well, but it never quite worked out. Are you going to play in the second tier with Vaduz?

    Yep, starting at the second tier, and then in a couple seasons catch a ride to the top league.
    The original plan though was like an all-European super league in the English league system, and Vaduz to start from tier 4, but it turned out too much of a hassle to rearrange the teams so that all other leagues also resemble something sensible.
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    2016/09/11. Matchday 4
    Vaduz (10) — Darmstadt (7)

    Right at the start Janjatovic somehow twice managed to run out one on one, and scored both. Afterwards there was the familiar game where my players make attacking runs towards own goal and the opponent stands in place with 10 players behind the ball. Looked like a stand-off with the ball in between and a team at either side. Not very exciting. Towards the end the visitors remembered that they are two goals down and finally started playing football, meanwhile my defenders obligingly got out of their way. Siegrist saved us about thrice, but happened to let one in as well.
    Janjatovic 5’, 19’ — Schipplock 87’

    2016/09/16. Matchday 5
    1860 München (13) — Vaduz (6)

    Once again Vaduz have a great first half, and got in front when Messaoud scored a one on one. After that the team kind of crumbled down. Fullbacks can’t seem to get the hint that the manager doesn’t want them to run forward too much, the striker keeps pulling back into the midfield resulting in an emptiness in the box at crosses. When push came to shove out defence threw in the towel and let two in. Sad!
    Andrade 79’, 87’ — Messaoud 32’

    2016/09/20. Matchday 6
    Vaduz (9) — Kaiserslautern (5)

    We tried adopting a new tactic, relying mostly on one-twos to move forward (because otherwise players just stand there and don’t make runs). It turned out ok, as we opened the score in one of the first attacks and created a few more good chances afterwards. In the second half Kaiserslautern sort of woke up and equalised, once again taking advantage of the apathy of our defense. Vaduz had some opportunities to steal a win but couldn’t make use of them.
    Kukuruzovic 6’ — Halfar 51’

    2016/09/26. Matchday 7
    Ingolstadt (11) — Vaduz (12)
    was the star of the first half — first he managed to destroy three promising attacks with his passes, then he scored after dribbling past three defenders. Overall Vaduz led the game, and Ingolstadt replied with counters. Our defence managed to thwart their efforts by lucky tackles and blocking shots. At the beginning of the second half Zarate doubled our lead with a lovely shot from the enge of the box, with a great assist by Janjatovic. A special mention goes to Ramon Cecchini, who seems to be the only one in the team capable of outrunning a defender. Indispensable. The back quarter of the game turned everything on its head. Ingolstadt made a bungle of a superb scoring opportunity, and a minute later scored a dumb one. Seems fair. We had a chance to cement our victory ath the last minute, but instead conceded another dumb one.
    Mathys 18’, Zarate 51’ — Lezcano 64’, 89’

    2016/09/30. Matchday 8
    Vaduz (11) — Wolfsburg (3)

    Surprisingly, it went rather well. The first half saw a sort of equal game with some nice passing combinations and sharp attacks. Messaoud and Jacob were exceptional, but the real hero was Stanko. The American was a great help in the offence and scored the only goal, converting a corner. After conceding Wolfsburg put some pressure on us, but their strikers had a bad day and our Siegrist had a great one.
    Stanko 56’


    Let’s take a look at the table, what have we got here?
    The expected frontrunners are running in front, with the Swiss somehow among them. Whatever happened to Rapid, we will find out soon, as we play them next week.

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    That's a really neat idea, I love to see ideas this unique on the forums. Crazy start there, I would not at all expect the Swiss clubs to be at the very top or the Austrian ones at the very bottom. Very solid start there, beating Wolfsburg is always quite a solid accomplishment.
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    2016/10/16. Matchday 9
    Rapid (18) — Vaduz (7)
    The Austrians didn’t look as bad as the table suggests. They looked alright, controlled the ball and made Siegrist work up until we scored. A great passing combination and a nice shot by Muntwiler. Rapid opened up, and we sure as hell took advantage of that. Right before the break Zarate scored from a cross by Messaoud, soon after the break Costanzo tapped in a rebound after Jacob’s shot. We could have scored many more, but luck turned its back on us. Jacob hit the bar twice, for instance.
    Muntwiler 26’, Zarate 43’, Costanzo 54’

    2016/10/21. Matchday 10
    Vaduz (5) — Werder (15)
    It started promisingly, we played well, nice attacks, good passing buildup, but finishing just wasn’t there. By the middle of the first half Werder evened thing out, and started off the second half by scoring thanks to an idiotic play by a defender and a lucky deflection. Vaduz managed to equalise thanks to Jacob’s dribbling technique, but Werder dominated and we were lucky not to concede any more. Twice the goal frame saved us, Siegrist helped a few times. We had a few moments as well, but nothing too good. I’d consider the draw a fair result.
    Jacob 71’ — Petsos 50’

    2016/10/26. Germanic Cup, Round 2
    Vaduz — Hannover
    Quite an even game with lost of passing in the midfield. Hannover tried their luck in quick counters, but our defenders always managed to catch up. Goalless draw after full time, a few good chances in extra-time, but none taken. I’ll let you see the pens for yourselves in the highlights.

    Highlights from MD 9-10 and the cup game:

    The board of directors is furious because I am not completing the objective to show profit in the first transfer window. Bit late for that, innit? Wish I could answer them that they are dumdums.

    2016/10/31. Matchday 11
    Grasshopper (8) — Vaduz (5)
    It was dull, mostly kicking it back and forth in the midfield. The hosts didn’t have a single scoring chance. We should have broken the deadlock at the end, but instead made an example on how not to shoot. Also their goalie was decent and saved a bunch. Goalless again. An acceptable result, considering we didn’t field the best XI, but feels like we deserved a win in this game.

    2016/11/05. Matchday 12
    Vaduz (4) — Hamburger SV (7)
    Same old, same old. Hamburg had Halilovic who was getting on my nerves with his running, but in the end he couldn’t make a difference. We created a few chances in the last minutes, but to no avail.

    2016/11/19. Matchday 13
    Hannover (11) — Vaduz (5)
    Once again a cup tie repeats shortly afterwards in the league. Finally after a string of disappoiting performances Vaduz showed their best. The starting half hour was just perfect: we controlled the game, quickly scored and demonstrated some good passing. In the second half Hannover turned it around and pressed on us pretty heavily, but Siegrist and the defenders perservered. The hosts tried hard to equalise and aclled up their goalie to a corner, which of course resulted in our quick counter and a goal by Cecchini into the open net from like a few inches distance.
    Zarate 10’, Cecchini 90+’

    Highlights from MD 11-13:

    We manage to stay near the top, despite inconsistent performance. Borussia is heading for the stratosphere, Wolfsburg is likely about to do the same. Luzern is crashing and burning. Rapid has woken up and after 9 straight defeats now hasn't lost for 4 games in a row.
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    2016/11/26. Matchday 14
    Stuttgart (14) — Vaduz (5)
    A powerful start from Stuttgart — we couldn’t really get out of our own box for about 10 minutes. Then the roles reversed, Vaduz started applying pressure and Janjatovic opened the scoring. Kukuruzovic was a noticeable figure — he provided the assist (in a funny way at that) and later won a penalty. No goal though, as I forgot to switch the shooter, panicked and failed to push the buttons I was supposed to. In the end this mistake cost us the game. The failing defence let Stuttgart’s Ukrainian striker equalise at the end of the first half. In the second half we kept pushing and deserved a goal, but instead missed a counter and conceded three minutes befor the final whistle.
    Tashchy 40’, Johnson 87’ — Janjatovic 24’

    Peter Jehle is furious at me because he doesn’t get enough game time. A new contract with a wage raise and a role cut fixed the problem.

    2016/12/04. Matchday 15
    Vaduz (5) — Austria (18)
    The Austrians weren’t exactly enthusiastic about their attacts, but our defence still managed to create a few nice chances for them. Our attack wasn’t too productive as well, and unlucky deflections didn’t help, but hard work and a lucky tackle gave us a goal. Jacob stole the ball from a defender, passed to Burgmaier, and our captain sent the ball into the net. This opened the game up a bit. Austria went on the offensive, our defenders pulled themselves together and stopped making dumb mistakes. The MVP of the game is easily Ramon Cecchini, who tore the visitors apart in the second half and also put his name on the scoreboard — another assist from Jacob. Austria’s best player was Felipe Pires, our defence really struggled to deal with him, but the managing genius on the visitors’ bench subbed Pires off at the start of the second half.
    Burgmaier 28’, Cecchini 67’

    2016/12/09. Matchday 16
    Eintracht Braunschweig (17) — Vaduz (4)
    An impressive start from Vaduz: Eintracht had barely touched the ball when Mathys opened the score. A nice passing combination, started by Mathys himself with a quick FK. Eintracht didn’t look good at all, and we kept creating chances, but the ball didn’t want to go in. As an example, Zarate had a great one-on-one moment, but hit the post. In the second half Vaduz were mostly passing around the opponent’s box with very few shooting opportunities. 10 minutes to the final whistle Stanko gets a second yellow, so we have to switch to a more defensive disposition. Eintracht tried to capitalise, but we fought them off and almost scored a second one on a counter — Mathys failed to hit the goal from 10 metres.
    Mathys 9’


    2016/12/14. Germanic Cup, Round of 16.
    Bayern — Vaduz
    Couldn’t have gotten a worse draw. Ah well. Considering we’ve been scoring quick ones lately, my bet was on that. We managed to get two good attacks, but both times couldn’t get a shot. Bayern’s defenders didn’t bother us much, but our strikers kept running into each other. We had another great opportunity on the 25th minute, but Starke denied us twice. Meanwhile Bayern were mostly lazily passing around near our box. Maxi Göppel was just amazing on the left side, completely turned Robben off. It seemed like the game was giving us hope only to mercilessly take it away on the 81st minute with a long shot. But in fact it turned out differently. We scored instead. Costanzo stole the ball from Alaba, Mathys picked it up and delivered it to the box, and Janjatovic was there to finish. Bayern didn’t even muster up a final assault, just kinda gave up. The only players who seemed to know what they were doing were Jerome Boateng (such a beast, man, I’ll def buy him when Vaduz becomes a powerhouse) and a Benko.
    Janjatovic 84’

    2016/12/17. Matchday 17
    Vaduz (3) — Luzern (13)
    In high spirits after the cup victory, we completely smashed Luzern. However, it didn’t really show in the highlights. The defense was back to their failing ways, and the attackers kept running into opponents. I enjoyed the game though, we did some nice passing, and that is what is the most important. The only goal was scored by Schürpf of all people. We should have scored another in the final quarter, but luck wasn’t on our side at that time.
    Schürpf 30’


    Vaduz see off the 2016 in the third place. 'Gladbach and Wolfsburg are predictably in the lead. Grasshoppers have joined Luzern in the "Swiss dramatic bad run of form club". Rapid are back to their old losing ways.

    The first round is over, suppose I'll say a few nice things about the team.
    The goalies are just great. We’d definitely be around midtable if not for Siegrist, and Jehle did just as well in the cup.
    The failing defence is failing. No other manager has been treated worse or more unfairly by the defenders than I. JK. It’s not the players’ fault if I’m hopeless at defending. Müller is great though, often on point with his tackles. And Göppel is playing much better thah his OVR would suggest. However, overall I should thank the GKs for constantly cleaning up after these screwups.
    Centre midfield is also just great. Janjatovic for MVP, Muntwiler does a lot as well, both at the back and up front. Burgmeier, who turned up at this position most often, was surprisingly decent. Same for Stanko: didn't play much, but did his job well.
    As for the attackers, Ramon Cecchini stands out. This guy has unexpectedly become one of the team’s best players. Marco Mathys, the only one to play in all 17 league games, wasn’t very prolific as far as scoring goes, but was quite useful in the buildup. Messaoud, Costanzo and Zarate sort of disappointed. Costanzo has assists to show, Zarate has scored a few, but Messaoud has no excuse. He’s active, but doesn’t offer much more. Jacob has seemingly found his place as a supporting striker. Wish he had someone to support.
    Only three players didn’t play a single minute: Bühler (CB), Turkes (ST) and Pfründer (RB). All three will be sold (hopefully) in January. Brunner stepped on the field for a few minutes in the latest game and happened to create two good chances, but I’m sure it was just a happy accident.
    Top scorers are Janjatovic and Zarate with four goals each. All in all we’ve had 14 different scorers. Here at Vaduz we have a socialism — no monopoly on scoring, goals are distributed among the people.
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    Wow du machst dir aber viel Arbeit ;)
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