On a scale of 1 - 10 how good are you on FIFA?


  • fetchitfudge
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    that's rubbish... people who play div 3 are giving themselves around a 5 ... surely it's a bit better than that... I play div 3, so maybe that makes me a 5 too... was hoping to at least be a 6 though. I actually haven't played div 3 very much... but this season it's looking good, so maybe div 2 if I'm lucky. Surely a 6 is right for div 3 and up ... can't be just a 5.
  • Hippyboy6
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    hapwow wrote: »
    top 100

    Are you sure, do you want me to go & double check for you?
  • knabco
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    Hippyboy6 wrote: »
    hapwow wrote: »
    top 100

    Are you sure, do you want me to go & double check for you?

    Lol. nah.. Brothers cousins sister already checked.. (wink wink)
  • M98H
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    8, win div 1 regularly and hit elite usually.
    34 wins is my Highest.
  • shiaan
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    EddieFicio wrote: »
    Since 35 wins is a 10 i'll go ahead and rate me 12/10

  • AnDrEwThEdOn
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    Probably 5 or 6

  • ScouserChris
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    I'd say about 7.5/8

    Won DIV 1 about 30 times so can't be that bad :lol: never been relagated
  • hapwow
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    Hippyboy6 wrote: »
    hapwow wrote: »
    top 100

    Are you sure, do you want me to go & double check for you?

    go check :) 65 place weekly, 76 monthly.
  • SF9
    9117 posts League Winner
    8. 35 wins my best, hit Elite 1 the last 2 WL's but still to break into top 100
  • Andybelfast
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    6. hit elite once this year

    Won d1 a few times
  • I'd say a 5 usually, my online record is always about 50/50. The 2 wl I've played in I finished with 19 and 21 wins. But lately I've been playing quite well for some reason. I'm about 20 wins in front of losses now on my one record.
  • Shaanxz
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  • Puskas
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    edited June 2017
    6, maybe a 7 on a good day. div 1 -2, gold 1-3 player
  • futureyears
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    I'd put myself at a 4, if it wasn't for the fact I have a stacked team I'd struggle more than I do
  • Uberman
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  • SadioMan
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    I would say about 3. Been stuck in D2 for about 8 seasons and have only ever played WL once, was about 3 months ago and placed Silver 2 I think
  • Rogerio8
    548 posts An Exciting Prospect
    About 7.5 when no lag I hold div 1 regularly goes down to a 6 with button delay
  • xGrumpyWolfx
    3308 posts National Call-Up
    Like a 6-7. Slightly above average at best! when I'm on my game I'll win most games comfortably, but that's hardly ever :D
  • Icosa_Gaming
    6803 posts Big Money Move
    2/10. I need to git gud
  • Heppers
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    When I'm relaxed and can be bothered an 8.5 or 9. When I can't be bothered but still play because I'm talking with friends, probably 5.5
  • Muzza11
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    edited June 2017
    7/10, Regularly I get elite, I have had Elite 1 3 times. My best wins is 35 in WL. Also won Division one close to 30 times somehow because it's very boring
  • Philip1979
    917 posts Semi-Pro
    I think I am decent but not elite standards.
  • Tekkerz
    3659 posts National Call-Up
    6.5 won d1 twice and elite twice 2:1 win ratio mostly WL and d1.
  • Muzza11
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    @Jake and @Adamski are 9/10
  • greco1
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  • Jake
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    I can literally fluctuate between a 7 and a 9 on any given day. Think it's when I'm not in it mentally.
  • JohnChelle
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    6 or 7 - will win div 1 , weekend league I don't get time to finish anywhere near 40 unless I or my opponent rage quits a lot - best finish in wl was 25 from 38 but then last weekend struggled to get to 18! :D So yeah putting myself a 6.5
  • TomOTW
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    A solid 4 :weary:
  • Th3 UK Smurf
    2870 posts Fans' Favourite
    Don't know if people I've played would agree but i would say maybe 6 or 7! Always finish elite and win Div1, been in top 100 couple of times but when I play less skilled people I just never seem to kill a game and end up losing :joy:
  • ORANGEeffect05
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    I EvO I wrote: »
    7-8. Finish elite when i do all 40. Never broke into top 100 though.

    Youre a 10 in my books :kissing_heart:
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