EA Chat Help - Credit Where Credit Is Due

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The Chat Help, can actually help.

I was winning the Marquinhos tournament, and with 1 in-game minute left my opponent disconnected. But, I got the loss.

I entered the chat help. They weren't able to resolve my issue, I think apparently because their "tool" (as they put it) wasn't working. So I asked why the web chat was even up and running if the one tool they need to do their job wasn't working? They apologized, and sent my issue to the next level - basically I would get an email with a response.

A couple days later they gave me TOTS Pulisic. I resumed my case in web chat and explained I already had TOTS Pulisic, and thanked them for their attention to the matter but I asked them to correct this. They checked into my account as their "tool" was now working. Web chat agreed with my concern but couldn't give me the TOTS Marquinhos. So again they sent it to the next level.

A couple days (maybe 4?) TOTS Marquinhos was sent to my account.

I spoke politely. I provided them with evidence (ie, I already had TOTS Pulisic so they could check the date I won the TOTS Pulisic by accessing my account and can see that I was being truthful). They helped.

In the past, sure all they've done is provide a couple 7.5k packs, but I've never asked them to replace content.

Web chat was not able to help, but they did apologize for that and sent the issue on to the department that could help.

Note - I asked them to send my issue to another department because at first they were asking me to go back into web chat and start the process again. I advised them my opinion was that was unreasonable because it's not my fault their tool wasn't working. They agreed.

So, if you have an issue, lost content or unfairly DC be polite :)


  • Ronaldo
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    True, I also won the DNT but didn't receive Marquinhos, I didn't really care for him but wanted the weekend league qualification so I called to complain how I won the tourney but didn't qualify ( didn't even mention not receiving Marquinhos) mind you this was on a Friday while WL was already going on. He qualified me within minutes, and today to my surprise I had a Marquinhos waiting in my club.
  • TKBC
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    Wow, I wonder if they have a new chat help strategy going on down there!?

    I am pumped to have Marquinhos - he's a 98 rated CB with an anchor according to futwiz :)
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