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Finally won the DKT!

1387 posts Professional
At very long last I finally won the knockout tournament!

Good gameplay with no lag for 4 straight matches: 3-0, 2-0 (rage quit), 3-1, 0-0 (4-3 pens).

Final was tough against a Musa EPL side that ended with 19 tackles and 0 fouls (I only had 1 foul, so...refs suck). Saved the first two penalties and that got me through to the WL for the first time. I don't even care about playing WL matches. I just wanted to prove to myself I could finally win this stupid tourney.



  • Ishibum
    13581 posts Has That Special Something
    Congrats man. This is the first one I don't see myself winning (due to lag).
  • illinifan
    8676 posts League Winner
  • Izzy2K17
    11698 posts Has That Special Something
    Let us know how Nacho is if you use him
  • JGCramp
    1387 posts Professional
    Izzy2K17 wrote: »
    Let us know how Nacho is if you use him

    Thanks all. Will do. Already put him in a squad and will try him tomorrow.
  • Retro_G
    31907 posts National Team Captain
    Congrats mate
  • Drew
    510 posts An Exciting Prospect

    Won it last night on my second attempt.

    Lost my first attempt in the first round, somehow, I'll never figure out how I lost 2-0!

    Won the next 2-0, 4-2, 2-1 and won the final comfortably 2-0 against a guy with gold attribute cards on his whole XI!

    Looking forward to trying Nacho out tonight!
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