So finally going back to PS4 when 18 comes out.

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I'm so happy to be going back to join friends and family on my PS4 due to icons being released on all.

I've only ever had FIFA on the xbone and selling it will get me the icon edition of FIFA.

What I really want to ask is if anyone has played FIFA 17 on both the Xbox and PS4 and if so, is it exactly the same gameplay and issues?

Also and this is because I suck, does more player = more average players or better or mixture? The reason I ask is that I've gotten to div 1 on PS4 in 14 and 15 but I joined Xbox for legends on 15 and the most I've ever got to is div 4 and that's playing 15,16 and 17.

I've never been able to qualify for WL and I've tried most weekends, so as you can tell I'm a average to below average player.

What I'm really hoping is that I will have more fun on PS4 FIFA than I've had on Xbox ( except when I had legends).

Guess I will still get creamed in 18 and no weekend league on PS4 either


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