TOTS Gayle and Shelvey.

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Anyone used them?

I'm skint this year. Decided to go for broke on the sbc's after packing 91 Alli within the first couple. That didn't work out so now I'm scratching around looking for some players I can add to the few untradeables that survived my sbc binge.

Looks like if I'm patient I could pick both up for a little over 100k.

Would probably go 4312 with Alli behind Gayle and an untradeable Vardy.


  • Smallingator
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    I would like to know about Gayle too. Bought Shelvey straight away and he's a bit clumsy hahahah.
  • Pieman25
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    Shelvey is too static, not much movement there at all but he rarely misplaces a pass. Gayle was a big disappointment for me, you can get way better as he just feels weak against decent defenders.
  • Rutta
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    Both not great and was disappointed with Gayle after having a blast with his SIF.

    Let down imo
  • sheffutd87
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    Ahhh right - I will give them a miss then. Cheers lads
  • EliteOJ
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    Gayle is a pretty good striker, but I find shelvey to be a complete **** block :smiley:
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