Your WL Playlist? Or Just for FIFA in General?

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As the title states. Just a bit curious if much anyone else puts anything in the way of pre-determined background music behind their gameplay to try to pump them up, calm them down, etc. I don't play music into the mic, of course, as that's just pretty scummy on the whole, imo, but I usually put something in the way of personally calming music to take my mind off of inconsistencies in reffing or BS goals. Recently I've been cycling about six (or so) Tool songs to that effect. Last year I used the entire two part best of The Doors album. Any music you guys use?


  • ssj4tito
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    Recently I've been listening to Eminem (before 2004 era).. surprisingly has helped me calm down even though some songs are angry haha
  • Layton8212
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    Meek mill or a joe rogan podcast
  • chosenone
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    Nothing. Any noise distracts me. Even the commentator is off and I only hear the crowd and the ball and it makes the atmosphere amazing. (Crowd on 10, Sound effects on 7, Music on 5)

    Occasionally when my brother plays a final I put some dramatic music on like Mars Ingram LOL
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