Squads A+B or C+D?

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Messi would move to CAM and Crespo to LS. Pizzi hasn't convinced me as a LCM in a 4312 so far but maybe he's better out wide. Modric is also still subject to change but both of them have to be about 150k total

C: 33174641c1fe2faeb104bfe3b1b9a9e0.jpg
D: 9c993d4be737bb61572126ea7ba43941.jpg

Either Suarez or Dybala would swap with Crespo. Haven't used any of the Serie A guys this year or the defenders+GK and i'v been struggling with the 433(5) but I think I need to adapt my CT+Instructions and get a better feel for it.

Which combination would you go for?

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