GK Advice?

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I'm looking to get a new Italian GK for my main team (must be Italian from Serie A, no Hando or BD Sirigu) and I was hoping to get some advice regarding the right action to take. I have the cash for SIF Consigli, and his stats are pretty hard to turn down. Should I bite on him, or wait till Serie A TOTS? Keep in mind, I'm not looking to spend much on a keeper, as I don't really have much, honestly. But yeah, Consigli, Donnaruma, Buffon, or wait? I'm using Perin atm, and while I like his reflexes, I could really use some positioning in goal.


  • Tornado31619
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    Wait until TOTS.
  • Zdarlightt
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    I've been using SIF Consigli for a fair few games and he really did some stupid things some games. Must be the AI but, punching the ball away when he could just pick it up. Or kicking it straight away instead of holding it when I gave a pass back.

    Will give it a few more games but I might have to look for a different one...
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