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TOTS Jonas

377 posts Sunday League Hero
There doesn't appear to have been one single card on the market, what's that about?

His 88 card was <30k, what are we expecting this card's price to settle at?


  • TeamRem
    2341 posts Fans' Favourite
    edited June 2017
    He's being valued at above his 250k max atm hence his ~extinct status. It's hard to say what his price will settle at when we don't know how much higher than 250k the community is valuing him at. It's safe to say he'll be much more expensive than 30k.

    If I had to guess (there are others that are much better at predictions) I'd guess he'll be about 190-225k.
  • HelloDearie
    2351 posts Fans' Favourite
    I'm thinking he may well drop to 175-200k. Tbh soon as he hits 200k I'm snapping him up. Loved his SBC all year.
  • Grousey
    377 posts Sunday League Hero
    I'll be pulling the trigger at 200k too.

    Still haven't seen any though!
  • mishaladamjee
    323 posts Sunday League Hero
    I sniped one this morning. Got a couple of games in - the perfect false 9 - In any other league he'd be 500k, but if I had to guess I'd say 200k is a good bet in the long term just due to league. I'm okay with paying 250k, 50k here and there at this point is not worth waiting days.
  • truegunn3r
    9568 posts Has That Special Something
    He might be worth sniping for cheap during lightning rounds.
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