Help me choose a CB and GK

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Almost sorted on my "final" team, it's currently looking like this.

IMG_5244.png[img]A bit unsure as to who to use to finish it off, after stuff sells I should have about 150k for the CB and GK, so I think my choices are: TOTS Glik and IF Subasic, SIF Hummels and SIF Leno, TIF Sokratis and IF Burki. I haven't used any of them so if anyone has your opinions would be much appreciated.[/img]


  • nasko77
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    Perrin TOTS and Subasic Tots with TOTS Marquihnos is the best defend in this Game !
  • Slipend
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    nasko77 wrote: »
    Perrin TOTS and Subasic Tots with TOTS Marquihnos is the best defend in this Game !

    Perrin wouldn't be full chem, plus I feel like I need someone with a bit more of a physical presence next to Marquinhos, which Perrin just dosen't have.
  • DSmith
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    Neuer and Boateng will cost 200k on PS4 so less if you're on xbox. Got any WL rewards coming Thursday? If so I'd get them, if not then I'd buy Boateng and SIF Faurman (Spelling) until you have the coins for Neuer.

    I've just got that Marquinhos card and thought about selling TOTS Azpi and getting Subusic and Perrin TOTS but Piszcek drops to 8 chem and as he's untradeable (and incredible) I'm sticking with Neuer and Boateng.

    I'd try and ensure you have at least 1 really tall CB. At 6'4 Boateng fits that. Perrin at 5'11 and Marquinhos at 6ft aren't small but neither really tall. That said TOTS Azpi is about 3ft 7 and he does alright in the air but that's a big reason in wanting Boateng's height next to him.
  • SergiuLive
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    Well boateng/neuer should be good enough.
  • Nogin182
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    Boateng and neuer?
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